Engineering Research Day

Research Day

10th Annual College of Engineering Research Day 
Thursday, November 16, 2017 • 8:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Marshall Student Center Ballroom

Since 2008, the College of Engineering has hosted research day to give students the opportunity to present their research to a group of judges. The event is open to all undergraduate and graduate students working with engineering faculty and research centers. It features cutting edge research presentations and provides an opportunity for students to network with faculty, fellow students and local industry. It gives students valuable insight into various multi-disciplinary research activities across the College of Engineering and USF campus. Top student exhibitors receive travel awards to present at professional conferences.


9th Annual College of Engineering Research Day
Student Winners (Each received a $500 travel award)

Dagmara Monfort - "Recombinant Elastin Based Nanoparticles for Targeted Gene Therapy"
Faissal Ouedraogo - "A 2D Drinking Water Distribution Network Model for Hydraulics and Water Quality"
Millicent Schlafly - "Effect of Knee Height on Gait Symmetry"
Denise Lugo - "Low Permittivity Cladding to Improve the Performance of Dielectric Rod Waveguides and Dielectric End Fire Antennas"
Radwan Elzein - "Physical Electronics Properties of the Self-Assembly of Metal Organic Framework of 2D and 3D Nano Thin Films"
Justin Nussbaum - "Large Area Selective Sintering"
Evans Bernardin - "Silcon Carbide as a Robust Neural Interface"
Ghada Zamzmi
Michael Grady - "Toward the Realization of Human Core Body Temperature Extraction using a Standalone Microwave Radiometric Model"
Asim Mazin - "5G Networking - Increasing Physical Layer Security"


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College of Engineering Research Day is sponsored by the College of Engineering and Research One.