USF Alumni Society of Entrepreneurs

The USF Alumni Society of Entrepreneurs are graduates of the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies Program through the Center for Entrepreneurship in Tampa. The Society strives to add value to the Tampa Bay community by developing social entrepreneurship projects, mentor programs and events to support the Michael Fountain Scholarship Fund for Entrepreneurship.

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Announcements for 2016

We cannot begin to express our admiration and gratitude for Jennifer Sineway, the previous chair of the USF Alumni Society of Entrepreneurs. She built and left behind a legacy of valuable accomplishments through her leadership and creative efforts. Ms. Sineway will be taking on an advisory role with the new leadership team.

Updates will be coming soon on the goals for the coming year. The focus will be on forming new mentor relationships, fundraising for the Michael W. Fountain Scholarship program, events, networking, and other opportunities.

If you are interested in events, projects or joining the advisory board, please contact Jordan Casal at or Justin Heacock at