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Why is there an Orientation fee?

Your Orientation fee covers the costs of providing the Orientation experience to you including facility rentals, meals, staffing, and other services or expenses. While Orientation is required for new students by the USF System, the Office of Orientation receives no additional funding for its programming and operations.

What if I plan to attend a campus other than Tampa?

USF Sarasota-Manatee and USF St. Petersburg conduct their own separate Orientation. Visit their site for additional information and schedules.

How do I change my Orientation reservation?

You can make changes to your reservation and/or add guests by logging into your Orientation account. Refunds are not issued for cancelled sessions. Sessions rescheduled within 3 business days of a session or due to "no show" status may be subject to a $25 fee. See our Policies for additional information regarding late fees or no show fees.

What if I am unable to attend any of the Orientation sessions?

Orientation is mandated by the University of South Florida System. If you absolutely cannot attend, you might consider updating your term of entry to a later term. To do this, you will need to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (813) 974-3350.

How do I request ADA accommodations to attend Orientation?

The Office of Orientation and the University of South Florida are dedicated to providing the same great Orientation experience for all students and their guests. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we provide special accommodations to students and guests who require such to participate in the session. Individuals requiring special accommodations to attend Orientation will see the option to complete a form during the reservation process. If you did not use the link at that time or your situation has changed, you can still submit a request. All requests should be submitted 10 days in advance of the session.

Students requiring accommodations should also contact Students with Disabilities Services at (813) 974-4309 for accommodations needed once classes begin.

Can I pay for Orientation with check or money order?

While we prefer that you pay for your Orientation with a credit card or e-Check, we can accept cash or money orders. To pay with a check or money order, you must complete this form and mail it to the address listed on the form. You should also then e-mail myorientation@usf.edu to let us know that you submitted payment. We will need to manually confirm your reservation.

You will still need to activate your NetID at www.netid.usf.edu and complete the online reservation process up to the point of submitting payment.

Is it possible to obtain a refund for an Orientation session?

Please visit http://www.usf.edu/myorientationrefund for more information about refunds.

Can I stay in a residence hall the night before my Orientation? (First Year Students Only)

Yes. Please submit the Pre-Orientation Overnight Housing Registration form to Housing & Residential Education. There is an additional fee of $27.36 added to your student account in OASIS. You may also request a rental linen packet for $17 that will also be charged to your student account.

Unfortunately, this service is not available for students admitted in the Spring semester.

What if my high school graduation is the same day as Orientation? (First Year Students Only)

You will not be excused from any portion of the USF Orientation program to attend a high school graduation. You are asked to choose another date that does not conflict with these events.

What if I want to change my major before I attend Orientation?

Transfer Students
To change your major, you must submit an Application Update Form to the Office of Admissions. They will review your information to make sure that you meet the necessary requirements for your new degree program. Application Update Forms can take up to two (2) weeks to process.

Additionally, Admissions representatives will be available on the day of your session to change your major. However we recommend that you submit the update form in advance to allow for you to fully experience and participate in Orientation.

First Year Students
To change your major, log into your MyOrientation account and select your desired major from the drop-down box in your reservation questionnaire.

I was admitted to USF but didn't enroll in classes. How do I get started now?

You should notify the Office of Admissions of your intent to enroll by submitting an Application Update Form. Admissions will then review your information and contact you regarding your eligibility. Application Update Forms can take up to two (2) weeks to process.

I was admitted to USF and attended Orientation but didn't enroll in classes. How do I get started now?

You should notify the Office of Admissions of your intent to enroll by submitting an Application Update Form. Admissions will then review your information and contact you regarding your eligibility. Application Update Forms can take up to two (2) weeks to process.

Once you receive confirmation from Admissions, contact us at myorientation@usf.edu to confirm your Orientation attendance. We will provide you with information regarding your course registration time.

I am admitted to USF but will not be attending this semester. Who do I contact?

You should notify the Office of Admissions of your intent by submitting an Application Update Form. Application Update Forms can take up to two (2) weeks to process.

I don't see any available dates. What do I do?

This error will occur for first year students in Engineering who change their major in the system. Students in Engineering should choose "Engineering - undeclared" as their major. You will have the opportunity to identify and select your concentration within the college after meeting with an academic advisor.

Change your major by going back to the questionnaire tab and updating your major selection. After choosing the new major and clicking "save and continue", you should now see available dates.

If that situation does not apply to you, please contact our office at myorientation@usf.edu or (813) 974-3060. We will work with you to resolve the issue.

Do I have to bring my unofficial transcripts with me to Orientation? What if I don't have my AP or IB scores?

We encourage you to bring your unofficial transcripts with you to Orientation to assist you with your course registration. However, this is not required. Knowing the classes you have taken and/or being able to provide an expected AP/IB score will assist in choosing the right classes. This is a common concern for students starting in the summer when final transcripts are not yet available. Your academic advisor will work with you if your final transcripts or scores indicate a change that impacts your pre-requisities.

How do I print my Major Possibilities results for Orientation?

Once you complete Major Possibilities on the MyPlan website, you've probably noticed that your results are rather lengthy. The information provided is relevant and customized to your scores and responses to the Career Interest Inventory. For Orientation, it is most important that you have your score (scale of 1-25) for each of the 6 categories (R, A, I, S, E, C).

If you need to log back into Major Possibilities, instructions can be found here.

How do I print my Orientation parking permit?

During the reservation process, you were given the opportunity for a parking permit for each student and guest. The parking permit will be included in your e-confirmation packet. If you do not have your e-confirmation packet, log back into your MyOrientation account and download the PDF from the My Reservation tab.

If you did not receive a parking permit in your e-confirmation packet, you can log into the MyOrientation and request a permit under the Student tab or for a guest under the Guests tab.

Where do I complete the Academic Integrity tutorial?

We recommend that all students complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial before attending Orientation. Students who do not complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial will not be able to register for classes in future semesters. The Academic Integrity Tutorial is available as an online module in Canvas. Canvas is USF's online learning system for courses and assignments.

To get started on the Academic Integrity Tutorial, log into Canvas and choose Academic Integrity from the Courses & Groups drop down menu.