First Year Students


First year student athletes on NCAA scholarship through USF Athletics will be required to attend Orientation.

Student athletes will be required to register themselves through their Orientation account; however, the fee for Orientation will be billed directly to the OASIS account. Payment is not required at the time of reservation.

Students are required to complete an online pre-orientation advising module as part of the reservation process. Students who select a major of undeclared are encouraged to choose a major in an area of interest for a richer pre-orientation advising experience.

Exceptions or changes to the student athlete's Orientation session must be coordinated through USF Athletics Advising and approved by the Office of Orientation.

Parents and Family Members
Orientation is an optional, added experience for parents and family members. Families are encouraged to attend, but if you are unable or choose not to, please look at the resources throughout this site and at the University of South Florida Parents page. Family members wishing to attend Orientation should register through the student's Orientation account. There is a non-refundable fee for the family program, which is required at the time of reservation. Guests may be added to the student's reservation until the day prior to the session. NCAA Scholarships do not cover the cost of families or guests to attend Orientation.