Provost Leadership Team

Below please find Provost Leadership and contact information.

All individuals listed have the following mailing address:
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CGS 401
Tampa, FL 33620

Dr. Ralph Wilcox
Provost & Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
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Provost's Office Website
Special Assistant: Stephanie L. Williams
Email: Phone: 813-974-8347

Dr. Dwayne Smith
Senior Vice Provost & Dean, Office of Graduate Studies
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Faculty Resources Website
Executive Assistant: Sherry Forkel
Email: Phone: 813-974-2267

Dr. Kofi Glover
Vice Provost for Human Resources & Space Planning
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Faculty Resources Website
Faculty Services Administrator: Gene Murdock
Email: Phone: 813-974-2010

Dr. Paul Dosal
Vice Provost for Student Success
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Student Success Website
Executive Assistant: Brooke Deen
Email: Phone: 813-974-5649

Dr. Roger Brindley
Vice Provost and USF System Associate Vice President for USF World
USF World Website
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Executive Administrative Specialist: Mary S. Cardenas
Email: Phone: 813-974-1218

Dr. Theresa H. Chisolm
Vice Provost for Strategic Planning, Performance & Accountability
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Dr. Cindy DeLuca
Assistant Vice Provost for Innovative Education
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Innovative Education Website
Executive Assistant: Maryhelen Shuman-Groh
Email: Phone: 813-974-5567

Dr. Stephen RiCharde
Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Planning and Review
Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Planning and Review Website
Assistant: Kelly Bergquist
Email: Phone: 813-974-2450

Nick Setteducato
Assistant Vice President of Financial Management
Email: Phone: 813-974-2707
Academic Affairs Financial Management Website
Executive Assistant: Tammy Reed
Email: Phone: 813-974-2391

Dr. Valeria Garcia
Assistant Vice President of Decision Support
Email: Phone: 813-974-6987
Decision Support Website 
Executive Assistant: Tammy Reed
Email: Phone: 813-974-2391