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Want to engage in undergraduate research but don't know where to start?

Types of Research Experiences

There are lots of ways you can participate in undergraduate research at USF. The graphic below illustrates several exciting options!

Undergraduate Research Experiences

Faculty Profiles on the USF Website

Visit USF department websites to review faculty pages and learn about faculty research.
Not sure how to research faculty on the USF website? Attend a Researching a Mentor seminar to get help. Register Here

Additional Opportunities

Research in Arts Scholarship - learn more

Community Scholars Fellowship Program - learn more

Globally Engaged Research

Students pursuing the Global Citizens Award may choose to complete a globally engaged, mentored undergraduate research project. Project proposals must be approved by the Office for Undergraduate Research and Global Citizens Project office. Please review the OUR Guidelines and Instructions for more information.    

If you are ready to submit an OUR Research Proposal Application, use this form.