Policy & Committee

Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) at the USF College of The Arts will consist of elected full-time faculty (tenured or tenure-earning) serving staggered two-year terms. During the spring term one representative will be elected from each School of the College for a two-year term (For the first year of these bylaws, each School will elect two representatives with straws drawn to determine who shall serve for one and who shall serve for two years). These representatives will assume their FAC positions on July 1 and serve for two years until June 30 of the second year.

The Faculty Advisory Council shall have the authority to call meetings of the faculty of the College and mediate issues that might exist.

Serving as advisory to the Dean, this body shall have the responsibility of reviewing/ originating, and negotiating policy related to the following:

  1. College academic policy and operating procedures related to curriculum, research, and teaching;
  2. College policy related to faculty appointment, promotion, tenure, reward systems, discipline and termination;
  3. College scholastic policy related to standards, admissions, grading, continuation, grievances, graduation, and honors;
  4. College budgetary review and strategic planning; and
  5. General welfare of the College.

The FAC shall serve as a liaison between the advisory committees of each School and the College.

The FAC will meet at least once monthly, and will elect a chair, vice chair, and secretary at its first meeting each year. The Dean will be present at meetings, will present a monthly report of activities, and suggest issues to the Council for consideration. The Chair of the FAC shall establish the agenda for meetings and will chair the meetings.