Policy & Committee

Teaching Committee


The Teaching Committee is a standing committee of the College of The Arts and receives authority for its actions through that body which includes the Faculty Advisory Council, the Dean, and the Directors' Council.


The Teaching Committee is responsible for:

  • Supporting and promoting the teaching and scholarship of the faculty of the College. Such teaching would take place within the University as well as beyond throughout the larger academic community.
  • Assisting in the dissemination of teaching development and enhancement opportunities throughout the College, the University, and the larger academic community.
  • Advising the Dean, the Faculty Advisory Council, and the Directors' Council, and other administrative officials on matters pertaining to policies and procedures intended to promote teaching and scholarship throughout the College and University.
  • Advising the faculty and units within the College broadly on the scope of teaching strategies and enhancements for supporting individual and group faculty teaching.

Operating Procedures

The Teaching Committee will develop its own operating procedures, subject to approval by the Dean, the Directors' Council, and the Faculty Advisory Council, which will include:

  1. Provision for promoting outstanding faculty teaching and scholarship throughout the College and the University community.
  2. Provision for review of proposals to support teaching development and enhancement of scholarship related to teaching, and for awarding grants to College faculty from funds allocated for that purpose. Examples of teaching proposals to be reviewed by this Committee include those submitted for the Faculty Teaching Development Funds.
  3. Provision for assisting the Associate Dean in recommending the criteria, nomination process, and selection of College and University awards in teaching, such as the University's Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Awards and the CoTA Dean's Teaching Awards.
  4. Provision for advising the College and its units on appropriate ways of developing and supporting effective mentoring programs for faculty.
  5. Provision for assistance to each School in developing guidelines, standards, and appropriate assessments for faculty teaching for the purposes of evaluations, tenure and promotion as well as provision for advising other University committees on criteria for teaching in the arts.
  6. Provision for the organization and administration of faculty colloquia, lectures, symposia, and/or College-wide conferences to occur periodically throughout the academic year to promote scholarship in teaching.
  7. Provision for assistance to other College and University initiatives in support of the teaching mission and for disseminating information to faculty and administration towards new developments as they relate to teaching.
  8. Provision for forming an Ad Hoc Academic Grievance Committee when requested by the Dean for each official student grievance referred for resolution. Student academic grievances will be handled in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the College.


Membership will consist of two tenured or tenure-earning faculty representatives from each academic unit, elected by majority vote of the members from their unit for a three-year term (totaling 6 members). All representatives should have demonstrated productivity in teaching and scholarly activities. Members are to be elected for staggered three-year terms, one-third retiring each year. A quorum is half of the total membership. In instances where a committee member is directly involved in a teaching development proposal under evaluation by the committee, the member will abstain from discussions and voting.

Ex-Officio Member

The Associate Dean will serve as a member-at-large, voting only to break a tie.

Chair/Vice Chair of Teaching Committee

The Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected by the members of the committee. Each will be a faculty member serving the second or third year of his/her term.