Policy & Committee

Unit Director Evaluations

At the direction of, and in a time-frame established by the School Faculty Advisory Council of the USF College of The Arts (CoTA), the director of an academic unit within CoTA will prepare a narrative self-assessment at the end of each calendar year that addresses expectations of both the faculty of the unit and the Dean of the College. Faculty (as defined by the school FAC) will then have an opportunity to respond individually to the director's narrative on a form created by the School Faculty Advisory Council. This evaluation form will be designed, with input from the faculty and the director, prior to the creation of the director's narrative, and can serve as council in the writing of the narrative.

The director's narrative self-assessment and all faculty responses (only if 50% or more of faculty respond) will be reviewed by the School FAC who will then prepare a summary and evaluative statement, representing majority and minority viewpoints, which will be delivered, along with the director's narrative and the anonymous, individual evaluation forms, to the dean and the director.