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A group of workers gather to discuss plans.

Safety Culture: The Key to a Safe and Secure Workplace

Many of us have been appointed to manage programs and teams. We have enough experience to know when our key performance indicators are lagging and adjustments are needed to meet the quarter, year, or function goal.

October 13, 2023USF SafetyFlorida

An oxygen cylinder is stored immediately next to a fuel-gas cylinder in a welding area.

What's wrong with this picture?

Hazard identification and assessment within the workplace are critical elements of an effective safety and health program. Luis Silva, our USF SafetyFlorida contributor for October, provides insight into the proper storage of oxygen cylinders, as pictured in the above photo.

October 13, 2023USF SafetyFlorida

Teal graphic of various people gathering around a

Education, training and continuous improvement elements of safety and health management system (SHMS): Part 4 of 4

Education and Training aim to ensure that all workers receive appropriate and effective training in a language and literacy level they understand to do their work safely before performing assigned tasks, changes in assigned tasks, and changes in the workplace. While the appropriateness of the training refers to how well it covers the potential hazards in the workplace and the controls needed for each job, its effectiveness refers to how well workers understand and behave to protect themselves and others from potential hazards.

July 19, 2023USF SafetyFlorida

Close-up photo of an outdoor thermometer with its red needle indicating a temperature of one hundred degrees outside.

Protect workers from indoor and outdoor heat

What first comes to your mind when thinking about occupational heat hazards? Many will think about outdoor work in the summertime. The 2023 summer season has greeted us with extreme heat advisories, watches, and warnings. By late June, more than a third, or 36% of the U.S. population, was covered by one of these heat alerts on a single day! You don’t need to wait until June or be outside to consider heat when developing your job hazard analysis (JHA).

July 10, 2023USF SafetyFlorida

A co-worker comforts a colleague in distress at her desk.

Mental health in society and the workplace

USF SafetyFlorida Consultant Clarence Rodrigues discusses the impact of mental health on workers and how symptoms can be managed.

April 4, 2023USF SafetyFlorida

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