Lightning Safety

Thunderstorms are a common occurrence during the summer months, in part due to Florida's warm temperatures and oceans (that provide the moisture for thunderstorms to occur). Did you know that Florida experiences thunderstorms 75 to 105 days per year? With these thunderstorms there is always a chance for lightning to strike. In fact, most lightning occurs during the summer months - which is also the peak of hurricane season. To protect yourself, always monitor the weather and take precautions to minimize the potential of being affected by lightning.

Be Prepared!


Preparedness Tips

General Facts

Watches vs. Warnings

The National Weather Service may issue severe weather watches or warnings. A watch means that conditions are favorable for development, and you should be aware and monitor weather information. A warning means that activity has been sighted or detected by radar and you should take protective actions.

Information on current weather can be found at http://www.weather.gov/