Person with Disability


USF PATS meets ADA requirements to provide equitable access to disabled parking spaces across campus.

PATS is sensitive to the needs of individuals with disabilities and should you need any further information or assistance, feel free to contact us by email: or by phone: 813-974-3990.

Riding the Bull Runner

All buses used on Bull Runner Routes are equipped with a lift or ramp to provide ADA access. Passengers with disabilities or with seriously reduced mobility may use the lift or ramp. All mobility devices must be secured on our buses.

Call Ahead for Accessible Space

In an effort to provide a greater range of service to students who use adaptive equipment (walkers, crutches, wheelchairs) and service animals, the USF Bull Runner is piloting a "call ahead" program for the spring 2016 semester. Students may call the USF Bull Runner to notify staff that an accessible space on a specific bus route is needed. Students should place calls to (813) 974-6902. Inform the dispatch office of your name, the bus route you will be using and the bus stop where you will board the Bull Runner. Calls should be placed 30 minutes prior to when the student wishes to ride the Bull Runner.

Passenger Announcements

Announcements are made through our Automated Vehicle Annunciator System (AVAS), powered by Syncromatics, on all regular routes. Announcements include major destinations, points along the route that allow passengers to orientate themselves to locations, as well as exterior route identifications. In the case of AVAS failure, drivers are required to verbally make stop announcements. Announcements will also be made by request.

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Securement Straps

In cooperation with the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity office (DEO), Bull Runner Transit is providing wheelchair securement straps on request to those passengers who use mobility devices on our system. These straps will be placed on your mobility device by a trained individual. They will assist the driver in finding the best place to secure your device to the bus. To request straps please submit the Request for Wheelchair Securement Straps form to David Owens, USF ADA Coordinator, via email at , fax at 813-974-4375 or deliver to ADM 172. Once received, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to receive the wheelchair straps.

Questions, Comments or Concerns with Accessibility?

Contact USF ADA Coordinator, David Owens at or by phone 813-974-8616.