Bull Runner


The Bull Runner Transit System supports the transportation needs of the USF community on campus and in the surrounding community. While primarily funded through student fees, many local businesses and organizations help support the mission of the Bull Runner through sponsorship. Sponsorship options include advertising opportunities for your organization that otherwise are inaccessible. Your messaging can potentially reach hundreds of riders per day through sponsorship. Please review your different opportunities for sponsorship below.

Interior Bus Card

$750/month (or $600/month with a one-year commitment)
Our entry-tier sponsorship option allows you to make your mark within our buses. We provide two 11” x 24” panels on each bus for your design. It is your responsibility to design and print your artwork, but Bull Runner staff will need to review and approve it before it is printed.

Exclusive Stop Sponsor

$1,000/month (one-year commitment)
This mid-tier sponsorship allows you to place a Bull Runner stop at (or within reason of) your location, along our established bus routes. This stop will include an announcement on our buses, and all features mentioned in the Interior Bus Card sponsorship.

Gold Bull Runner Sponsor

$2,500/month (one-year commitment)
Our top-tier sponsorship allows you to create your own stop at your place of business outside of our established routes (where reasonable). The GOLD Bull Runner Sponsorship will also include all benefits of the exclusive stop sponsorship, and your business logo and location on our map. Printing of your approved artwork is complimentary for the interior bus cards as well.

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