Bull Runner


About Sponsorship

If you are a business or University department in the USF region, then you benefit from the fare-free transportation that we offer your USF-affiliated customers, clients, employees, and students. Our Sponsorship program gives you an opportunity to share your unique story, service, product, or academic program with our wide customer base.

Your message can potentially reach hundreds of our riders per day by taking advantage of space in our buses. What’s more, your partnership with us will support continued access to affordable transportation for the USF community.

Your Reach

As of FY 2019, our 27 buses had an average of 2,340 riders per day, and a total of 791,888 riders per year. That’s a lot of exposure! 

Sponsorship Content

What might your business or department have to offer? Consider promoting services, employment opportunities, internships, study abroad programs, courses, certificates, and so on.

USF Departments

Did you know that about 30% of college students in associates and bachelor degree programs have changed their major at least once within 3 years? 

Awareness of your department and its offerings may make a difference for students who are on the fence about their major. Use our space to recruit them!


Fill out a Sponsorship Request Form. University departments need to include all details such as complete Fast Chartfield String (even if paying from another source), signed by accountable officer or official designee. Non-USF Departments must have the CFO or financial designee sign the request with complete company information on the request. Check what level of sponsorship you prefer and the date you would like sponsorship to begin.