ITT Course of Study

Required prerequisite courses for the ITT major. Each course must be completed with a grade of B- or higher.

ASL 2140C Basic American Sign Language
ASL 2150C Intermediate American Sign Language
ASL 4161C Advanced American Sign Language
ASL 4201C American Sign Language – IV
ASL 4301C Structure of American Sign Language

Admission to the ITT program for those who have satisfied the pre-requisite coursework is for Fall semester only.

Core Courses: Must be taken in sequence.

Semester 1 - Fall

INT 3270 Interpreting Process and Skill Development
INT 3112 Translation from English and from ASL
ASL 3324 Advanced ASL Discourse
INT 3004 Fundamentals of Interpreting

Semester 2 - Spring

INT 3205 Interpreting 1
ASL 3514 American Deaf Culture (writing intensive exit)
INT 3481 Specialized Terminology – ASL
INT 3111 Language and Cognitive Skills in ASL

Semester 3 - Summer

INT 4206 Interpreting 2

Semester 4 - Fall

INT 4235 Advanced Receptive Voicing
INT 4947 Interpreting Practicum 2
SPA 3470 Culture & Diversity in CSD (capstone exit)
SPA 3002 Introduction to CSD

Semester 5 - Spring

INT 4190 Senior Seminar in Interpreter Training
INT 4208 Interpreting 3
INT 4211 Transliterating
SPA 4962 Undergraduate Comprehensive Exam

Additional Requirement:

Must successfully pass the National Interpreter Certification (NIC) written examination before graduation. Students are required to complete 48 hours of upper level courses for graduation; additional coursework may be needed.