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Funding Opportunities:

2017 DCF Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant RFA

Application Deadline: May 31, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.

"The Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse (CJMHSA) Reinvestment Grant Program (Program) was created by the 2007 Florida Legislature by s. 394.656, F.S., and is housed within the Department of Children and Families (Department). The purpose of this Request for Applications (RFA) is to provide funding under the Program to counties which they may use to plan, implement, or expand initiatives that increase public safety, avert increased spending on criminal and juvenile justice systems, and improve the accessibility and effectiveness of treatment services for adults and juveniles who have a mental illness, substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders, who are in, or at risk of entering, the criminal or juvenile justice systems (Florida Department of Children and Families, 2017)."



2017 Florida Behavioral Health Conference hosted by The Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association & The Florida Council for Community Mental Health 

August 16-18, 2017

"The conference provides attendees with opportunities to learn and apply the most current technology, research, and trends to their daily jobs and to network with other professionals. The Florida Behavioral Health Conference 2017 will host three plenary sessions and over 60 workshops with multiple tracks available for continuing education. Come join us for the behavior health signature event of the Year: The Florida Behavioral Health Conference 2017 (FADDA &FCCMH, 2017)."

2017 CIT International Conference

August 16-18, 2017

"At the conference there will be over 90+ workshops that will cover local, state, national, and international CIT topics including: starting, implementing and sustaining CIT programs; CIT in urban, rural and frontier communities; innovative community collaborations serving adult, children, and adolescent populations; jail/ prison diversion programs, and mental health specialty courts (CIT International, 2017)."


Council of State Governments Justice Center's Integrating Best Practices from Corrections and Workforce Systems to Match Jobseekers to Services- the IRES Pilot Project hosted by the National Reentry Resource Center, with funding support from the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance

Wednesday, May 31 from 2:00 p.m.- 3:30 p.m. ET

"This webinar—based on lessons learned from the Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies (IRES) pilot project underway in Milwaukee County, WI, and Palm Beach County, FL—will raise key questions communities should consider to ensure the right people are connected to the right interventions at the right time in their reentry process. This webinar will be especially useful for corrections, reentry, and workforce development administrators and practitioners (Council of State Governments, 2017)."

CJMHSA TAC Quarterly Webinar-- "Opioid Use and Justice Involvement: Challenges in Treatment, Engagement, and Continuity" presented by Dr. Holly Hills, Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Mental Health Law and Policy, College of Behavioral & Community Sciences, USF

Tuesday, June 13 from 10:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

This webinar will discuss the challenge of involvement in the justice system and engagement in care for persons with a substance use disorder involving an addiction to opioids.  Persons who have not been in care, and even those in current Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), may experience significant withdrawal symptoms during even a brief incarceration.  Some jurisdictions have developed plans for medication continuity for those in MAT care at the time of their arrest. Concerns about arrest or DCF involvement can keep women from seeking care during pregnancy.  A shift to heroin use, from opioids in pill form, has resulted in greater physical health risks in those with this form of addiction.