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Office of the Senior Vice President

Leads and facilitates institutional research initiatives and supports research programs and infrastructure development.

Sponsored Research

For researchers or research administrators looking for funding for your research or pre-award assistance with your proposals or grants. Post-award financial services in support of sponsored research awards.

Technology Transfer / Patents & Licensing

Assistance for companies interested in licensing or starting a new business around USF patents and intellectual property; or researchers or students with a new invention ready for the patenting process or looking for potential licensing opportunities.

USF Research Foundation & USF Research Park

Resources to foster economic development opportunities in Florida by connecting business, technology, and industry to USF discoveries, provides the ideal setting to create your start-up or build your business, and includes access to USF core facilities and equipment for incubator companies.

Research Integrity & Compliance

Information to ensure your research activities are safe, ethical, and compliant with federal regulations, state statutes, and university policies.

Comparative Medicine

Fully accredited by AAALAC International; contributes to a greater understanding of life through studies that define and compare complex living organisms and processes.

Center for Drug Discovery and Innovation

Assistance for research groups at USF in overcoming bottlenecks in early phase drug discovery and access to specialized lab equipment.

Research Technologies

IT support for all Research & Innovation departments, including computer support, network support, applications development, ARC Portal, eIACUC, eIRB, eCOI, and web design and development.