Shared Lab Facilities

Tampa Bay Technology Incubator Shared Lab Facilities

Shared laboratory facilities provide technology businesses with access to critical research equipment that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to most start-up companies.

Some of the shared equipment located in the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator include:
Presentations, manuals, specifications and submission forms which are provided in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format.

Title Presentation Manual Specifications Submission Forms
Autoclave     Spec  
Automated Cell Viability Analysis   Manual Spec  
Floor Centrifuge   Manual Spec  
Imaging System/Digital Darkroom  


Rotavap   Manual Spec  
Speed Vac   Manual Spec  
Sorvall Table Centrifuge   Manual Spec  
Thermogravimetric Analyzer     Spec Sample Submission Form
Water Purifier   Manual Spec  
400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) PPT   Spec Sample Submission Form
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)     Spec Sample Submission Form
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)     Spec Sample Submission Form
UV-Vis Spectrometer   Manual Spec  
FTIR Spectrophotometer   Manual Spec  
Lyophilizer   Manual Spec  
Bulk Tray Dryer   Manual    
Bench Top Shell Freezer   Manual Spec  
Co2 Incubator   Manual Spec  
Isotemp Freezer   Manual Spec  
-80 Freezer   Manual    
Ice Machine   Manual Spec  
Table Autoclave   Manual Spec  
Table Centrifuge   Manual Spec  
Vortex Mixer   Manual Spec  
PCR Thermocycler   Manual Spec  
Biological Safety Cabinet   Manual Spec  
Lab Hoods        
Stereo Zoom Microscope   Manual Spec  
Incubator Shaker   Manual Spec  
Lab Rotator   Manual Spec  
pH Meter   Manual Spec  
Ultrasonic Cleaner   Manual Spec  
Digital Scale   Manual Spec  
4 Digit Analytical Balance   Manual Spec  
5 Digit Analytical Balance   Manual Spec  

The shared lab facilities and equipment at the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator have been made possible by grants from Hillsborough County and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council.