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Organizational Unit

Academic Space Planning & Assignment is an integral part of The Office of the Registrar under the leadership of The Office of Student Success.

The Office of Student Success coordinates and promotes university-wide efforts to enhance undergraduate and graduate student success. By recruiting and enrolling college-ready students, awarding financial aid and scholarships, and planning for timely degree completion for all students, the Student Success Team strives to create a positive teaching and learning environment designed to enrich all aspects of the student experience and ensure that every student who enters USF has the opportunity to succeed.

The Office of the Registrar has a two-part mission: to support the University's teaching function by documenting the extent and quality of students' formal learning experiences and to provide quality service to students, faculty, staff, and the general public in the creation, maintenance, and release of student academic records. The mission is accomplished in accordance with institutional academic policies and practices as well as adherence to rules of other external regulatory agencies.

Academic Space Planning & Assignment has a mission to efficiently manage academic space with optimal utilization in support of students, faculty, and research ensuring that space needs for the University are fully met.