Student Life


The University of South Florida puts strong emphasis on student involvement and enrichment. USF believes that student life is a valuable asset to the continuous growth of the institution. Thus, they ensure that a great deal of focus is directed on implementing resources and opportunities for the betterment of students so that they can make the most of their USF experience.

 We, here at the Marshall Student Center, share the same focus. The MSC is considered to be the heart of USF. It is our goal to establish the needed opportunities for students so that they can get the best experience possible as a USF Bull. As the heart of USF, it is our purpose and desire to be that connection between students and student involvement. As a result, in the center we have the Student Life Tower that houses different organizations where students can get involved and find their fit within campus life

The Student Life Tower is located in the North-East corner of the building and is home to the following offices and organizations: