Student Organizations

Caribbean Organizations

Caribbean Cultural Exchange

The goal of the Caribbean Cultural Exchange (CCE) is to promote cultural awareness and recognition of people of the Caribbean within the University and the local community.

Caribbean Ladies Connect

A community for the cohesion of young women with interest of empowering and uplifting themselves and upholding our values while having a lasting impact on society.

Club Creole

The purpose of Club Creole is to dispel the negative stereotypes and myths about Haiti and its people and to promote our culture at USF and the Tampa Bay community at large.

Fanm Kreyol

The Mission of Fanm Kreyol is to empower Haitian women and to provide them with different outlets to impact their communities and Haiti. The purpose of Fanm Kreyol is to promote more Haitian women as leaders and role models. Fanm Kreyol provides a sisterhood that instills unity amongst Haitian women and strides to create a positive movement through education, community service, and workshops.

Jamaican Alliance Movement

The purpose of the Jamaican Alliance Movement at USF shall be to educate and promote acceptance of the Jamaican/Jamaican-American culture to the students, faculty and staff at the University of South Florida and in the local Tampa community.