About TRAC

The primary goal of the TRansitional Advising Center (TRAC) of the University of South Florida is to provide the best possible academic advising to the following students:

Our mission is to enable students to achieve their academic goals in a timely fashion.

We also serve as the Academic Regulation Committee (ARC) Petition contact for Non-Degree Seeking students as well as the contact for Associate in Arts (AA) certificate applications.

Welcome Letter to Students

Hello and welcome to the TRansitional Advising Center (TRAC)!

What is TRAC? TRAC is the academic advising center for first and second year students who have not yet declared a major, as well as for those students needing assistance with major re-selection. We also serve BGS (Bachelor of General Studies) and BSAS (Bachelor of Science in Applied Science) students. For those students who are still deciding on a major, the University will allow you to take up to thirty-six credit hours before you decide upon a program of study. During this time students are also strongly encouraged to work with the Career Center to better clarify their career interests. Undeclared students may concentrate on satisfying their Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) general education requirements during their first thirty-six hours of course work.

I hope if you are a transitional student you will not hesitate to contact our office about questions you may have related to advising or your transition to college.

Our office is in SVC 2043. This is in the Student Services Building located just to the east of the Administration Building and the Marshall Student Center. We are open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, except during University holidays.

Academic advising is an important aspect of the long-term academic success of undeclared students. TRAC advisors provide students with individualized advising appointments to assist them in choosing a major, selecting courses, making progress toward a degree, and understanding academic policies and procedures.

The staff in the TRansitional Advising Center takes great pride in assisting students with their academic issues and making sure students are on the right track towards their degree and career goals.

Jody Conway, Ph.D.