For Students


Academic Advocates support undergraduate students by working individually on their unique needs. Our goal is to review the most appropriate options, while collaborating with academic departments, colleges, or other relevant units.

While a junior majoring in both Marketing and Advertising (concurrent degrees), Penny faced financial aid challenges related to transfer credits. Her academic advocate assisted in connecting her with Financial Aid and scheduling a one-on-one appointment to discuss options further and determine the appropriate solution to her scenario.


student Dalton

Dalton was referred to an academic advocate by his college advisor, who had concerns about his progression. His academic advocate learned that he needed classroom accommodations due to an injury and facilitated the process. They also connected him with additional resources on campus in order to address other challenges, helping him to get back on track with his studies.


student Brandon

Far from home and family for the first time, Brandon struggled in his first semester. His academic advocate reached out to him and they discussed his interests and goals. The advocate connected him with both college and fraternity advisors, who were able to guide him on majors and options available. Brandon soon found himself feeling at home on campus and with an academic plan in place.

Student Voices:

“I can honestly say this is the most connected I have felt to USF since I started here”.  - J.C. ​

“I didn't know what this meeting was going to be like but it was amazing and what I needed right now”. - D.C. ​

"You helped me identify which obstacles I needed to overcome to clear my holds, receive reimbursement, and be reinstated for bright futures. I am grateful for your willingness and eagerness to get me back on track."- N.B.

"...I was able to not only successfully complete my final course requirement to graduate, but I did so with nearly a 100% in the course, something I have not been able to do since my sophomore year in college. I owe part of this success to you and the guidance you provided me; you reached out to me when I was afraid that my mental health issues would continue to plummet my GPA and prevent me from completing my degree. You helped me to work past my mental roadblocks and showed me how to use USF’s resources in ways that better suited me. I should be all set for graduation now..." -K. L.​