For Campus Partners


The Office of Academic Advocacy (OAA) is dedicated to achieving USF’s student success goals through proactive outreach, professional standards of care, and personalized case management of student academic barriers. Our Academic Advocates serve undergraduate students based on the point in the higher education life cycle they could experience a barrier.

Our teams focus on understanding the First Year, first time in college (FTIC) experience, the Transfer transition to graduation experience, and the FTIC Progression to graduation experience. We utilize various technology platforms, like OAA SMART and Archivum Insights, to monitor student progress and connect proactively with them.

We are actively engaged in collaborations with campus and One USF partners who are also stakeholders in Student Success and serve students throughout the higher education life cycle. We welcome further collaborations either via direct referrals of a student or by contacting OAA at about how we can collaborate best with you, your team, or the students you serve.