Design and Construction

Architectural & Engineering Services

Project Design & Construction

We provide project management services for major and minor projects from programming through project warranty.

Major Projects

Minor Projects

  1. Space Impact Form submitted by user groups for review and approval.
  2. Space Impact Form reviewed and, if approved, it is assigned to a Project Manager (PM)
  3. PM contacts appropriate Campus Service design professional to review the scope of work with the user group to develop a cost proposal for their fees.
  4. PM receives proposal and negotiates design fee prior to issuing them a Project Order (PO) to proceed.
  5. PM requests assignment of Construction Manager (C/M) to provide input on budgets and constructability during design process. Works with A/E & C/M to keep in budget.
  6. PM oversees the design process with the user groups input to insure appropriateness with campus standards and user expectations.
  7. 50% construction documents are submitted to Building Code Administration for review by all review parties (Design & Construction, EH&S, IT, University Police, Parking & Transportation Services, Food Serv, C/M, Misc).
  8. PM forwards final comments to designers for incorporation into drawings.

Engineering Services (Major & Minor Projects)

In-House Design Services