Design and Construction

The USF FM AEC Experience (Student Engagement in Construction)

Join USF Facilities Management for the AEC experience as USF raises three new buildings and brings online a new chiller.

Educational Opportunities

Overall, the purpose of these efforts is to provide greater opportunities for student learning while enhancing the environment around USF.  These activities should not overload students either, but provide valuable and tangible opportunities for learning. 

Students that view the (4) online sessions – either live or recorded – and participate in (2) site tours per semester will earn an online badge – different one each of the 3 semesters.

In-Person Construction Site Tours

In-Person construction site tours will allow students the ability to see, touch, hear and smell the activities (no tasting, please) on multiple construction sites. Held during 2 weeks per semester.

Online Live Webcams

Great for students studying at a distance and to provide overall understandings of the construction activities and can supplement other learning activities.  These are hosted webcams of the overall construction sites to view construction progress and activity.

  1. Judy Genshaft Honors College
  2. USF Research Building
  3. Moffitt Hospital -- User: slafferty      Password: GoUSFbulls1956
  4. USF Student Wellness Center
  5. USF Athletics Indoor Performance Facilitiy -- User:     Password: USF

Project 360-degree Progress Documentation

Online tools similar to “Google Maps” will be employed on Honors, Wellness and Athletics Indoor Facility to enable students, faculty & staff to virtually walk through the project sites.  This will allow 360-degree views  and view recent progress, scroll through previous progress images taken in the same location to see construction sequencing & methods, and possibly link to the BIM model simultaneously.

  1. USF Judy Genshaft Honors College - StructionSite 
  2. USF Student Wellness Center - OpenSpace
  3. USF Athletics Indoor Performance Facility - OpenSpace

Site Observation Portal(s)

  1. To enable students to view the activities on site from a safe distance and to potentially engage with workers on site and ask questions. These will be open and available during working hours of the construction site.  Periodically, construction staff may be available at the portals to explain current activities and answer questions from students.
  2. Honors College portal is located at the NW corner of the site, along Sessums Mall.
  3. Wellness Center portal is located at the north end of the site, across from the Campus REC Center.
  4. Athletics Indoor Facility will be located on the east side of the site, along Sycamore Drive. 

Open Online Engagement Sessions

These online engagement sessions will be fun, educational opportunities for students to see what really makes every project unique.  These are 4 radically-different projects and each presentation will delve into details of the differences and similarities of each project.  Prior sign-up is required to attend the online session live; sessions will be recorded for viewing at your leisure, but you will miss the interactive aspect, including the opportunity to ask questions to the professionals. Each presentation will be followed with a simple, 10-question quiz for learning assessment.  These will be made available not only to USF students, but also SPC and HCC students enrolled in AEC programs.

  1. Session #1 - Overview of the 4 Projects (8/31/2021 at 3:30 - 4:45 PM)
    1. USF FM Project Managers will present the overviews of the 4 projects, including the project goals, similarities, differences, unique features, schedules, delivery methods, special challenges each project had to overcome. Watch the recorded session online.
  2. Foundation systems and Subsurface considerations (10/05/2021 at 3:30 - 4:45 PM)
    1. A Geotechnical Engineer will share how these sites, though being so close to one another, are very different structurally. Structural Engineers will explain the different foundation solutions and why each different type was chosen and Project Superintendent(s) will share some of their stories from the field about what they actually encountered when installing the foundations and underground utilities. Watch the recorded session online.
  3. Virtual Coordination & Construction Flow (11/02/21 3:30 - 4:45 PM)
    1. The construction industry has been one of the slowest industries to capitalize on technological changes over the past century. The typical design => fabrication => construction process that has been followed for decades is changing. Beck Technology and W. P. Moore Structural Engineers will discuss where the industry is headed and will share specific examples from approaches taken on these projects and others. Watch the recorded session online.
  4. Structural systems (11/23/21 @ 3:30 - 4:45 PM)
    1. Each of these projects is radically-different in terms of aesthetics, approach, occupancy use, but surprisingly similar in size. The architects and structural engineers will provide an explanation of the different structural systems used on each project and why each system was chosen, along with some of the stories from the field. Watch the recorded session online.
  5. Other Construction Technologies (01/25/22 @ 3:30 - 4:45 PM) 
    1. OpenSpace, Drone, Point Cloud Scanning, Sensors, GPR, X-Ray, Moisture Scanning, Thermal Imaging
    2. Watch the recorded session online.
  6. MEP Systems (02/15/22 @3:30 - 4:45 PM)
    1. Used on each project and why each system and chosen.
    2. Watch the recorded session online.
  7. Building Envelope Systems (03/08/22 @ 3:30 - 4:45 PM)
    1. Used on each project and why each system was chosen, how each was designed, engineered, delivered, installed.
    2. Watch the recorded session online.
  8. Acoustical Design and Lighting Systems (04/05/22 @ 3:30 - 4:45 PM)
    1. Considerations for each project
    2. Watch the recorded session online.
  9. Re-Orientation of each project 
    1. For new students & to refresh others - project goals, similarities, differences, unique features, schedules, delivery methods, special challenges to overcome, How to find previous lectures & resources.
    2. Watch the recorded session online.
  10. Project Delivery Methods
    1. How they are being employed on each project. 
    2. Watch the recorded session online.
  11. Sustainability & Leed Scorecard (Early November 2022)
    1. Approaches for each project
    2. Watch the recorded session online.
  12. Alternate career paths (LATE November 2022)
    1. Architects & engineers – not just the typical consultant path.
    2. Watch the recorded session online. 

Participants who view the (4) online engagement sessions and attend (2) site visits each semester and pass all quizzes will earn an online badge that can be displayed on their Linked-in profile, online resume, etc.

Shadow a field team or Threshold Inspector

Our contractors have expressed a willingness to schedule times where a student could shadow a project team or inspector on the construction site for a day. Email for more information.

Fabrication Plant Tours

  1. There may be opportunities to schedule field trips to fabrication plants in the region where a student groups could travel and tour a production plant where various construction materials are fabricated.
  2. This would likely need to wait until restrictions due to COVID-19 have relaxed and
  3. Due to location of the particular plant and restrictions, time commitment for these tours could be from ½ day to full day to potentially an overnight trip to a more distant plant in FL or GA.
  4. Email for more information.

OpenSpace University

  1. OpenSpace has offered to serve as a guest lecturer (online) for classes where their expertise could be of benefit.
  2. OpenSpace could donate a number of cameras and provide free online access to students to use the technology to assist or enhance their assignments where students are asked to document construction.
  3. Ideally 1 camera set-up per 5 students with free access to online services for students.
  4. This would likely be for classes where Professional Practice is taught.
  5. Email for more information. 

Engagement with Siemens during another project –  Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract

  1. A project to upgrade several systems in the Central Energy Plant on the Tampa Campus, which involves an Energy Audit, Feasibility Study and subsequent Design and Construction of a significant project, which will likely include installation of multiple chillers, cooling towers, pumps, changing a boiler system from steam to high-efficiency condensing boilers, upgrading controls systems, changing lighting systems, etc.
  2. Siemens has a program called Empower where they engage with clients to further the mission of the organization.  As a part of the Guaranteed Energy Performance project (currently in Energy Audit and Design phase), they could partner with USF to implement a program which could take many forms – from a PR campaign to funding internships to funding a makerspace or an elective class for students or partnering with Green Energy Fund for a project – or countless other formats.
  3. Email for more information. 

Opportunities for research.

  1. Prof Gray Mullins has reached out and connected with both the structural engineer and the subcontractor installing the drilled piers and is arranging to install sensors in the concrete to measure the concrete curing and characteristics and to perform additional research on drilled pier foundations.
  2. Other opportunities for research collaboration exist where these project(s) could serve as a resource.
  3. Email with what type of research projects and support might be desired.  If so desired, the appropriate groups will be connected and supported.

Interdisciplinary group project opportunities

  1. There may be various, elective classes, case studies or other student projects where students could benefit from additional information about any of these projects. If so desired and appropriate, the proper groups will be connected and supported.
  2. These could be in the form of Capstone Support, Special Topic Elective, or Extra Credit format, possibly incorporating OpenSpace U or Siemens Empower program.
  3. Email for more information.

Judy Genshaft Honors College Courses

  1. The Honors College is conducting specific classes for at least three semesters which focus on the Judy Genshaft Honors College building project and the process of design and constructing the building.
  2. These classes will not only document the process of design and construction for posterity and future generations of students, but will serve as interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students that will likely be involved in construction projects later on in their career.  They will gain a profound understanding about the design and construction process and the power of architecture to shape human environments. 
  3. For students enrolled in the Judy Genshaft Honors College only.  See your academic advisor for more info.