Sustainability & LEED

Campus Recycling Program and Energy Conservation

At USF, we make it a responsibility to recycle our waste and provide a variety of solutions for recycling items. As we make strides to become a greener university every day, we are always searching for ways that waste can be re-used for other resources. We are focused on Recycling, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention.


The University of South Florida has had an active recycling program since 1994 and currently recycles the following items:

USF has recycled over 7100 tons of paper, and over 48 tons of aluminum. It operates a Community Recycling Site located on USF Sycamore Drive working with the City of Tampa.

Energy Conservation

USF has implemented the following features to contribute to energy conservation:

Water Conservation

Many of the Tampa campus buildings have been reconstructed with motion sensing automatic faucets and flush valves. This helps prevent waste and conserves water usage.

Storm water Pollution Prevention

Keeping Florida's bodies of water clean is essential to a healthy environment. USF has taken aggressive steps to minimize the impact to the Florida's bodies of water.