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New software application FAMIS - FAQ

What changes have been made?

  1. The following USF systems have been retired with the move to FAMIS:
    1. FACNET - at the Tampa Campus
    2. ARCHIBUS - at the Sarasota-Manatee Campus
    3. Internal developed Web based work order system at the St. Petersburg Campus
    4. IFIS Space Management system used across USF
  2. The USF Annual Space Survey functionality previously within the IFIS system has been incorporated into FAMIS. Information can be found on the new FM Planning, USF ANNUAL SPACE SURVEY (FAMIS) webpage.
  3. Access to FAMIS is through MyUSF > Business Systems. Additionally, the following URL can be used for direct access:
  4. FAMIS affords continuous communication between the requestor and the responding campus/department. As a requestor, when updates are made a notification email will be sent, improving overall communication.
  5. The "Online Work Request" web form previously found on the FM Service Center website that was used for non-paying work orders has been removed.
  6. The new FAMIS system also supports Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) at the Tampa Campus. FAMIS provides a process to report issues at parking lots, bus shelters and bus stops. PATS will also utilize FAMIS for internal vehicle maintenance.

Reason for change

  1. The previous application software was outdated and is no longer being supported.

What are the impacts?

  1. Employees will be able to submit requests directly into FAMIS.
  2. Students will not have access to FAMIS directly unless they are also USF employees. Requests can be submitted on behalf of a student by any employee of the university.
    1. Additionally, students can contact the FM Service Center (at each respective campus).
  3. Tampa Campus FM Service Center will accept walk-ins through normal business hours at: (OPM100 –next to the USF Post Office) or contact us by phone at: (813) 974-2845

What is expected of me?

  1. Staff will need to become familiar with how to utilize the basic functionality of FAMIS.

Where do I find training information?

  1. Additional information on how to utilize the FAMIS system can be found on the FAMIS page, USF FAMIS Reference Documents.
  2. A recorded training session can be found on the FAMIS page! Check back here soon for a link!
  3. The FM Service Center staff will be readily available to answer any questions you may have regarding the change.
  4. Facilities Management provides training sessions for new users, please contact Antonio Morales - (813) 974-4037.

Future training sessions will require enrollment through GEMS.
**Use the Navigation: Main Menu > Self Service > Learning and Developing > Request Training Enrollment. Click Search by Course Name and type the keyword FAMIS into the field. You will see FAMIS Work Order Introduction listed, select View Available Sessions.**

When Did the change occur?

  1. The FAMIS system went live on February 3rd, 2020.

What Processes have changed?

  1. We will no longer utilize a PDF form on the Facilities Management website to submit a paying work order request. All University Department work requests (paying/non-paying) will be submitted through FAMIS.
  2. Student Organizations and University Affiliated Organizations will continue to utilize a Request & Authorization Form (ARCD/Cashiers Office Payment) available on the FM Service Center website, Request Services page.
  3. Space Impact Requests (SIR) continues to utilize form found on the FM Service Center website, Space Impact Process page. The FM Service Center will receive the SIR form and enter it into FAMIS allowing the Requestor to track, comment and add additional information throughout the life cycle of the process.
  4. Requestors will need to select a "Type" and "SubType" that’s relevant to the type of work that's being requested.
  5. When a requestor logs in to FAMIS, their contact information will be displayed. If any information is incorrect or needs to be updated/improved, please utilize the "Support" link which is located in the bottom right hand corner of the FAMIS application.  This will provide the best communication for a change request.  The "Support" link will send an email to
    • Please identify any fields that need correction in the email.

Work requests will be identified as ‘paying’ in the following two ways:

  1. When a requestor submits a request, they will select a "Type" and "SubType", the system has been configured to identify paying requests based on these work types. When requests are submitted utilizing a subtype that is designated as paying, the accounts section of the work request will be populated with the billing type of "Paying Job". This will require the requestor to select "Add New" and add the chart field string that will be used for billing purposes.
  2. When work requests are submitted, they will be routed based on the work "Type" and "SubType" to the appropriate FM Crew Manager. The Crew Manager will review the scope of the request and determine based on numerous variables if the request should be a paying request. If determined that the request should be paying, the Crew Manager will add comments to the request and the requestor will be notified via email. The requestor can then log back in to FAMIS to review the comments.

Paying Work Request Approval Process

Once a request has been identified as paying, it will be assigned to the FM Service Center. The FM Service Center will then reach out to the requestor by adding a comment to the work request. The comment will ask for the requestor to identify the Accountable Officer/Designee (name, email address and phone #) along with adding the Chart Field string in the “Accounts” section. The FM Service Center will review the provided information confirming budget and valid Accountable Officer/Designee.

The Accountable Officer/Designee will receive an email notification including a link, allowing the Accountable Officer/Designee direct access to the request in FAMIS to approve or deny. The approval is simply an estimate with a $1 amount as a place holder (this is not an actual estimate for the work requested). Estimates are required by the FAMIS system to allow work requests to move forward and be completed as requested. Requestors will only be charged for time and materials to fulfill the work request. When the work is completed an email notification will be sent allowing the requestor to view all charges.