Service Center

Moves & Relocations

Scheduling a move:
  • Review and Complete the Moves Request Checklist (checklist should be submitted to vendor prior to receiving a quote)
  • All University Department moving requests will be submitted through FAMIS.
  • University Affiliated Organizations will utilize a Request & Authorization Form (ARCD/Cashiers Office Payment)

Did You Know?

There are two types of moves: rehab/renovation moves and departmental responsibilities moves:

Rehab/Renovation Moves: Moves requiring rehab/renovation will have a construction Project Manager assigned by either Planning or Design & Construction to assist the unit through the various tasks required.

Departmentally Responsible Moves: Departmental moves can include anything from moving a desk across a room to relocating an entire department. These moves also include moving materials and furniture to any recycling locations. The details of these moves are the responsibility of the department requesting the move.

If you would like an estimate prior to the move, the moving company can review the area and provide a quote. Please indicate “requires estimate” on the paying work request when submitting.

Moving or Closing Labs?

In order to comply with applicable federal and state regulations, laboratories and equipment in which hazardous materials have been used must be decontaminated prior to vacating the space to make it ready for the next occupant. Please contact Environmental Health & Safety for questions and/or assistance.