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Facilities Work Requests

We utilize an online work order system, called FAMIS, for facilities-related service requests in non-residential buildings. For more information about this process and how to use the system, view the FAMIS reference documents.


All university Department work requests (paying/non-paying) must be submitted through the FAMIS Work Order system. Additionally, access to FAMIS is available through the MyUSF portal > Business Systems tab > Facilities Work Orders (FAMIS). For USF Health and TGP employees, please access FAMIS via


Students can contact the Facilities Service Center to submit non-residential facilities work requests via phone (813) 974-2845 or email

Student Organizations and Direct Support Organizations

Student Organizations and University Affiliated Organizations/Direct Support Organizations without access to FAMIS please use the Work Request & Authorization Form (ARCD/Cashiers Office Payment).

Emergency Service Requests

If you have an emergency facilities-related request, please contact the appropriate campus Service Center:

Tampa: (813) 974-2845 available 24/7
Sarasota-Manatee: (941) 993-8548 available 24/7
St. Petersburg: (727) 873-4444 or 911 available 24/7
Tampa Parking and Transportation Services: (813) 974-3990
Downtown Tampa (MDD, STC, SDI, CML, ALZ): 813-445-8735 available 24/7


Routine work orders - typically completed within 30 days

These requests involve routine, non-emergency service and maintenance. Most service requests fall into this category. Materials and staffing availability may impact the lead time of routine work orders.

Urgent work orders – have a significant impact on the university community and are typically completed within one day if possible

These requests involve issues that may represent a potential safety or health hazard (examples are loose handrails, inoperable door hardware, and damaged stair treads). 

Emergency work orders –safety, health, or mission-critical issues are addressed immediately – if there is a life-threatening situation, call 911

Response to emergency conditions that affect safety or health or conditions that immediately affect the continued performance of academic, student, or administrative services (loss of power, flooding, etc.).


Once a request has been identified as paying, it will be assigned to the FM Service Center. The FM Service Center will then reach out to the requestor by adding a comment to the work request. The comment will ask for the requestor to identify the Accountable Officer/Designee (name, email address and phone #) along with adding the Chart Field string in the “Accounts” section. The FM Service Center will review the provided information confirming budget and valid Accountable Officer/Designee.

The Accountable Officer/Designee will receive an email notification including a link, allowing the Accountable Officer/Designee direct access to the request in FAMIS to approve or deny. The approval is simply an estimate with a $1 amount as a place holder (this is not an actual estimate for the work requested). Estimates are required by the FAMIS system to allow work requests to move forward and be completed as requested. Requestors will only be charged for time and materials to fulfill the work request. When the work is completed an email notification will be sent allowing the requestor to view all charges.


If you're having problems submitting a work request online using FAMIS, please contact the FM Service Center via phone (813) 974-2845 or email

Additionally, requests can be submitted in person, the FM Service Center is located in OPM100 (Facilities Management building next to the USF Post Office).

If the service center submits a request on your behalf, we will enter the appropriate customer information and provide you with the Request ID for reference. If you provide an email address, the system will automatically provide you with a confirmation email along with the Request ID.

Information Required on All Requests

  • The customer’s name, title, phone number, department, building prefix, and room number.
  • Information for the contact person, if different from the customer requesting the work.
  • The actual location of the work being requested must also be included, by building and room number or other specific location (as for work in stairwells, corridors, or outdoors).
  • Finally, a job description must be supplied in sufficient detail to allow the Service Center to make a preliminary determination of the nature and scope of the work.
  • Certain requests must be paid for by the requesting department or organization. In those cases, please provide valid chartfield and Accountable Officer/Designee contact information in the description of your request. These requests must be routed for approval through the FAMIS application to an authorized Accountable Officer/Designee for the specified account. The University of South Florida charges a 9% administrative fee for all paying work orders.

FAMIS Support Documents

FAMIS Account Request Forms