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Mail Service Document

A completed Mail Service Document must accompany all mail that the USF Post Office is requested to pick up and is destined for the U.S. Postal Service. A Mail Service Document is a form used for requesting postal services and billing.

The USF Post Office will process the outgoing mail according to the customer's request as indicated on the Mail Service Document. Postage and/or service are billed to university accounts via General Ledger and to commercial accounts via an invoice requesting payment.

Different categories of mail should be bundled, tubbed or trayed separately. The categories are Campus Mail, Domestic Mail, International Mail, Permit Mail, and Business Reply Mail:

  • Letter sized mail should be separated from all other sized mail.
  • Each article of Insured or Registered mail requires its own Mail Service Document.
  • Every separation should include a fully completed Mail Service Document.

Note: Single piece campus mail does not usually require a Mail Service Document. However, there are situations where campus mail requires special processing. This special processing will incur a handling charge and requires a Mail Service Document. A few situations are when the USF Post Office prints addresses on a mass campus mailing or if a customer submits 100 or more pieces of campus mail that is not in mail code order.

Mail Service Documents 

For Internal Customers using the FAST Chartfield Combinations

For Commercial MPF Customers requesting invoice for payment

USF International Customs Worksheet