Post Office

Students Living on Campus

Incoming USPS Mail

All resident students’ mail (except Accountable mail) is delivered to the USF resident halls mail centers every business day. Accountable mail consists of Registered, Certified, Insured, C.O.D., Signature Confirmation and Priority Mail Express.

Accountable Mail

Accountable mail is held at the USF Post Office Contract Unit for secure keeping. A notice of its arrival is sent to the resident's mail center and a mail center employee will email the student to come into the mail center to pick up the notice.

 The resident may claim their Accountable mail during USF Post Office business hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). The notice and a picture I.D. are required to claim Accountable mail.

Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express that is received on Saturday morning will be made available to the residents between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and noon at the Forest Hills Post Office.

Residents may call (813) 935-4729 prior to driving to the Forest Hills Post Office to retrieve the Priority Mail Express. Forest Hills Post Office is located at 11800 North Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida 33612. Priority Mail Express not retrieved during this time frame will be delivered on Monday to the USF Post Office.

Please note: Priority Mail Express will not be available on holidays. The Forest Hills Post Office will close on all United States Postal Service widely observed holidays. The USF Post Office will close on all University of South Florida holidays.

Student Resident Address Format

Student Residents receiving mail should use a correct address format and may obtain their own personal address from Housing and Residential Education. Inaccurately addressed mail will be delayed, missent or returned.


1 – 999 ARGOS COMPLEX (no leading zeros)
TAMPA FL 33620-0001 

1000 – 1999 ANDROS COMPLEX
TAMPA FL 33620-0002

NAME (Required)
30101- 31194 USF HOLLY DR 
TAMPA FL 33620-_ _ _ _

4000- 4399 GREEK VILLAGE
TAMPA FL 33620-0003

55000-56399 HOLLY KOSOVE
TAMPA FL 33620-0004

7000 -7999 CYPRESS MAPLE
TAMPA FL 33620-0005

TAMPA FL 33620-0006