Maintenance and Utility Services

Key Shop

The Key Shop has the sole authority to issue keys, re-key and/or change locks for the University’s E&G buildings.  The Key Shop maintains all records of key identification and sets up all keying systems for new construction and renovations of existing buildings.

The Key Shop provides locksmith services for file cabinets, desks and other locking devices.  We also provide locksmith services for auxiliary departments of campus when requested.

All requests for keys and re-keying must come from Deans/Directors/Building Supervisors or their authorized designee.  Please review the USF Key Security Policy to ensure you are fully aware of all the responsibilities that are associated with key(s).

*Changes are coming; until then, please email ALL Master Key Authorizations to

Repairing, lubricating cylinders and/or replacing broken locks are routine maintenance items for E&G buildings, and there is no charge for these services.  Re-keying locks and services for file cabinets, desks and other locking devices are departmental cost.  The requesting department will be charged through the work order system.

To request work, please contact your building manager or the Facilities Service Center.

Hours of Operations

  • Monday -Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM