Graduate Funding

student working in lab

The opportunities available to CMMB graduate students for financial support during their time in our program include:

Teaching Assistantships (TA)

We have a number of departmental Teaching Assistantships (TA) to support our research graduate students. These are awards made by the department to CMMB graduate students for teaching undergraduate laboratory classes. They are comprised of a stipend along with a tuition waiver for classes administered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Departmental TAs are awarded and renewed prior to the start of the fall and Spring Semesters, and are allocated by the CMMB Graduate Committee based on a number of criteria, including budgetary concerns and past performance. The department of CMMB also receives a variable budget from the college to conduct a program of summer classes, which also allows for some level of TA support. As this budget is often smaller than that of our regular semesters, we can make no guarantees with regards to TA allocations for summer semesters. The CMMB graduate committee will award these stipends during the Spring Semester, and will use prior performance and academic standing measures, along with other considerations, for their allocation

Research Assistantships (RA)

Students may also be supported via Research Assistantships (RA) from the research grants of their Major Professor. These provide a stipend and tuition payment, and are allocated by individual research faculty subject to availability.

Fellowships, Scholarships and Research Funding for Graduate Students

In addition, a number of USF, regional and national fellowships/scholarships are available to CMMB students. A list of such funding opportunities is maintained by the USF Graduate School. We also encourage students to consult with their Major Professor and the CMMB Graduate Office for more information on such funds. The links below provide some excellent information regarding fellowship and scholarship oppertunities: