CMMB Core Facility

The CMMB Core Facility offers a wide range of resources providing products, education, services and support that assist scientists, companies and students in solving research problems. We are sustainable and non-profit. It is our goal solely to offer the highest quality service available at the lowest possible prices. Our main focus is to continue to be a valuable and responsive resource for helping investigators obtain their research objectives.

Cell Culture

The USF Tissue Culture Facility provides a state of the art environment for managing cells in culture. This includes being able to store cells in our cryogenic repository and receive in house training for basic to advanced protocols in the maintenance and manipulation of cultured cells.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry (FCM) is a technique for counting and examining (notably the fluorescence) 0.5 - 150 μm particles by suspending them in a stream of fluid and directing a particular wavelength of light at them.


The USF Herbarium was established as a research and teaching collection in 1958, two years after the founding of the University of South Florida.


Confocal microscopy is an optical imaging technique used to increase optical resolution and contrast of a micrograph by using point illumination and a spatial pinhole to eliminate out-of-focus light in specimens that are thicker than the focal plane. It enables the reconstruction of three-dimensional structures from the obtained images.

Department Software Licenses

Shared licenses for Sequencher 5.0 DNA sequence assembly and analysis software are available for CMMB faculty, post docs and students. The department subscribes to both Microsoft and Apple platform compatible licenses. Sequencher 5.0 provides DNA assembly algorithms for both traditional and next-generation sequencing.

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