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Microbiology Club

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The Microbiology Club is a new organization at USF, recognized by the USF student government, and founded by Dr. Daniel Lim.

Our focus is to stimulate the interest of learning and understanding in the field of Microbiology, and spread public health awareness to the general public on current issues pertaining to Microbiology. Additionally we are dedicated to further advancing the knowledge of our members on current topics in the field of Microbiology, while also being dedicated to the local USF community, and providing public service to those in need.

The Microbiology Club is involved in planning and coordinating philanthropic events in the local community and raising money for charitable organizations. Members of the Microbiology Club will be able to network with fellow students and professors who share common interest in academia, and have a passion for health care and public service. Our members will be afforded opportunities to tour local Micro and Pathology labs, and have a chance to meet prestigious researchers in the field of modern and industrial Microbiology.