Using Your Degree

What can you do with a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology or Microbiology?

student working in lab

Students who graduate from our programs have many options in careers related to cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology. These include jobs in the agricultural, biotechnology, food and healthcare industries, where a biologist might work in a laboratory carrying out research, process control or quality control. Well trained biologists often work in businesses, industry and government and use their knowledge of biology to advise and apply scientific principles in business plans and policy issues. Biologists are particularly suited for jobs in technical writing and journalism, as they have the background in a wide variety of sciences and develop good communication skills as students. Even graphic arts can provide career opportunities for biologists who can help illustrate science textbooks, articles and magazines.

Another important area for biologists is in education. A biology degree provides the knowledge base to become an effective teacher, particularly in middle schools and high schools, and qualified science teachers are in higher demand than those trained in non-science areas. Other opportunities exist in training, education and public outreach for business, government and private institutions.

student in lab

Aside from going directly from undergraduate training to a job, many biologists use their undergraduate degree to qualify for graduate and/or professional training such as medical school, veterinarian school, dental school, physician assistant programs and other healthcare professions. Students who wish to pursue careers in research, university teaching or management positions in biotechnology or industry have the option of continuing to graduate programs at either the ms or the Ph.D. level in biology related fields.

Bioinformatics & Medical Informatics
Biological computer modeling
Biomedical Research
Biotechnology Policy
Brewery Production
Clinical Diagnostics
Colleges and University Teaching
Crop improvement
Dental School
Elementary, Middle and High School Teaching
Environmental Technician/Consultant
Food Production
Food Safety
Forensic Scientist
Genetic Engineering
Government Jobs
Healthcare Industries
Healthcare policy
Health Law
Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Safety
Medical devices
Medical Policy
Medical research
Medical School
Medical Technology
Patent Law
Patient Care
Pest control
Pharmaceutical Science
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Physical Therapy
Physician Assistant
Product Quality
Product safety
Research Assistant
Research Coordinator
Research Scientist
Research Technician
Science Administration
Science Education
Science Journalism
Science Policy
Scientific Editing
Scientific Illustrator
Scientific Instrumentation Companies
Scientific Supply Representative
Technical writing
Training and outreach in Industry and Government
Veterinary Medicine
Wildlife Management