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All travel related expenditures are guided by the USF Travel Manual.
For more travel information please visit the USF Travel Website.

Before any travel related expenditure transaction, a fully approved Travel Authorization (TA) must be in place. To begin the TA process, please follow the instructions listed below in the Pre-Travel Process or click go to and enter Travel Request in Archivum.

Traveler Responsibilities

Pre-Travel Process (Travel Authorization)

  1. Faculty and/or Office Manager submit Travel Request via Archivum
    • If off campus go login to using your NetID and password
    • Go to and login using your NetID and password
    • Under Business Systems, select Archivum
    • Under Actions, click Create Travel Request
    • Fill in all necessary fields
    • Once submitted, the travel request will follow the internal workflow until fully approved.
  2. Office Manager reviews travel request and submits to Business Office no less than 5 days before first date of travel.
  3. Supervisor reviews Travel Request and approves
  4. Business Office reviews and makes note of Travel Request
  5. Expense Manager reviews Travel Request and approves
  6. Archivum informs Traveler and Office Manager when Travel Authorization is fully approved

Post-Travel Process (Expense Report)

  1. Once travel is complete, Traveler brings all original receipts to Business Office within 3 days following the last date of travel.
  2. Business Office works to create a Expense Report
  3. Business Office contacts Traveler to sign Expense Report
  4. Business Office submits Expense Report
  5. Expense Manager reviews and approves Expense Report
  6. Supervisor reviews and approves Expense Report
  7. Travel Office reviews and approves Expense Report
  8. Traveler receives reimbursement if applicable

Frequently Referenced Travel Notes

Other USF Travel documents related to travel

Missing Receipts Form

Preapproval Form for Travel Over 30 Days

AA Form for Travel

Non-Employee Profile Creation Request Form (select one from below)

CoTA Business Office - Travel Contact

Name: Sandra Zambrano
Phone: (813) 974-3973
Office: FAH 136
Mailpoint: FAH 110