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CoTA Faculty Research Grants

Applications for the USF College of The Arts' Faculty Research Grants are open in the Fall and Spring semesters each year. Grant recipients are selected after review by the College of The Arts Research Committee.

Application Procedure Deadlines

October 17, 2018
Submit electronic and hard copy application to Marysia Lopez mlopez4@usf.edu
(College Office will circulate to Directors for review and signature)

October 24, 2018
Director review and signing complete. Unit Director submits the signed original to FAH 110 Associate Dean's office.

New applicants are encouraged to review examples of CoTA funded grant proposals from previous funding cycles. Abstracts are available online.


The applicant must be a full-or part-time, tenured or tenure-earning, faculty member in any of the CoTA units. Non-tenure earning faculty are eligible if their position assignment includes responsibility for conducting independent research. Once awarded, the applicant is not eligible to apply in the next funding cycle (does not apply to the CoTA Summer Grant Program).

Awards are in support of:

These funds have been designated to support continuing faculty members in their professional development, particularly in activities occurring outside of the University that are related to research. Consideration for the distribution of funds will be given to proposals that:

Application Guidelines

Award Cap

$1,000 per application

Please direct questions to Barton Lee at blee@usf.edu or (813) 974-2320.

View past award recipients' names and research abstracts.