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CoTA Faculty Research Grants

In September of 2023, the College of The Arts announced a revised structure to the Internal Grant Program for the 2023-2024 academic year. In an effort to expand research capacity and impact, new opportunities have been created in suport of faculty research, development, award and conference applications.

College of The Arts Faculty Grants are available to USF College of The Arts faculty in good standing, on tenured, tenure-earning, and non-tenure earning full-time regular appointments (not Adjunct, Courtesy, or Visiting Faculty) and may be submitted under any of the following requests for proposals:

Open September 2023, with awards announced October 30, 2023:

Research S.E.A.D Grant (Scholarship for Enhancement in Arts & Design)

Faculty Travel Grant (cycle 1 of 3)

Open January 26, 2024, with awards announced March 1, 2024:

Creative Scholarship Grant

Interdisciplinary Scholarship Grant

Faculty Travel Grant (cycle 2 of 3)

         Research S.E.A.D Grant (Scholarship for Enhancement in Arts & Design)

Open March 1, 2024, with awards announced May 1, 2024:

Faculty Travel Grant (cycle 3 of 3)

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The following grants have an open funding timeline. Please submit your request at least 2 weeks before the deadline for the award/residency/fellowship application deadline:


Please direct questions to COTA-Research@usf.edu or call (813) 974-2320.