Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership


Our History

Louise Carson Bishop was a beloved St. Petersburg philanthropist who gave generously to support the arts, healthcare and education. Her husband, Wally, was a nationally syndicated King Features cartoonist who drew the strip Mugs and Skeeter. The program of research and instruction that formed the foundation of the Bishop Center began in 1989 with the funding of the Bishop Program for Ethical Leadership. The Wally and Louise Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership was officially established in 2005. Read the full history here. 

What we do

The Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership hosts a wide variety of programs to support students at any point in their educational experience. We also offer community programs to highlight the importance of ethical leadership in the Tampa Bay area. With one of the nation’s leading trust researchers, we promote learning through evidence-based practice that can be applied to the everyday experiences of our students.

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The Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership will be internationally recognized for advancing ethical leadership for the greater good. 

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To advance the study and practice of leadership that is effective and ethical through innovative programs, impactful research, and mindful engagement.

Our Distinctive Leadership Approach

The Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership at the USF Muma College of Business is a center that empowers ethical leadership through a trust-based model. Trust creates a healthy environment for both organizations and individuals to thrive. Trust is at the core of the programs we build and the relationships we create.



The Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership offers several programs to not only USF students, but also to our surrounding community.

Student programs include: 
Leadership Studies Minor 
Leadership House Living Learning Community
Business for Good Internship
Leadership Connect
Ethics and Debate Team

Community Programs include:  
Women and Leadership Initiative
Hospitality Leadership Program

Annual Reports

2020-2021 Impact Report