Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership


Leadership is…

  • A Relational Process (us)
  • Ethical
  • Universally Needed
  • Difference Making

Leadership is not…

  • One Person
  • Mere Technique
  • Universally Practiced (well)
  • Status Quo


Is Ethical Leadership Possible? We Believe it is.


The Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership will be internationally recognized for advancing trust-centered ethical leadership for the greater good.


To advance the study and practice of trust-centered ethical leadership through innovative programs, impactful research and mindful engagement.

Our History

The center is named after Wally and Louise Bishop. Wally, a cartoonist, and Louise, an active philanthropist, shared a passion for civic life and ethical leadership. The Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership has been operating since 2006.

Our Methodology

Our programs and services emphasize context and leverage experiential, interactive learning strategies. Learning to exercise good leadership includes a starting point of either experience or received knowledge. Experience is followed by reflection which results in new knowledge. Knowledge is followed by experimentation which creates new experience. The process cycles continuously. Our programs and services are designed to catalyze this process at strategic points, introducing theories and concepts, practical tools, and key questions at different moments to help the learner maximize their results.

Our team of faculty are experienced leaders and educators, making them especially qualified to design programs well grounded it what works.


  • Steve Raymund donated $1,000 in support of women returning to the workforce
    September 2020 The grant proposal would create a university-based returnship program to support women returning to the workforce after taking time away to take care of their families.
  • The Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership reflects on the passing of Bill Heller
    September 15, 2020 Heller served as the director of the center during its formative years and helped guide its vision on ethical leadership.

For questions and inquiries

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