Online Master of Business Administration


Business Foundations Courses (16 Credit Hours)

Students accepted to the MBA program are expected to have a common body of business knowledge. Therefore, students must complete business foundation courses before progressing into the MBA curriculum. If a student has an undergraduate business degree from a regionally accredited institution, the student may request to waive foundation courses taken within the last seven years.

Business Decision Making

  • MAN 6055 Organizational Behavior and Leadership (2 Credit Hours)
  • ISM 6021   Management Information Systems (2 Credit Hours)

Business Measurement

  • ACG 6026  Accounting Concepts for Managers (3 Credit Hours)
  • FIN 6406    Financial Management (2 Credit Hours)
  • QMB 6305  Managerial Decision Analysis (2 Credit Hours)

Market Orientation

  • MAR 6815   Marketing Management (2 Credits)
  • ECO 6005   Introduction to Economic Concepts for Managers (3 Credit Hours)

Core Courses (14 Credit Hours)

Advanced core courses are required for every MBA student. No exceptions are granted.

  • QMB 6603   Operations Management and Quality Enhancement (2 Credit Hours)
  • MAN 6147    Leadership/Management Concepts (2 Credit Hours)
  • GEB 6445    Social, Ethical, Legal Systems (2 Credit Hours)
  • GEB 6215    Communication Skills for Managers (2 Credit Hours)
  • FIN 6466      Financial Analysis (2 Credit Hours)
  • MAN 6726    Strategic Business Analysis (2 Credit Hours)
  • QMB 6358    Data Analytics for Business (2 Credit Hours)


Students take five graduate-level business electives to complete MBA requirements along with the MBA capstone. Some students pursue a concentration in cybersecurity, data analytics or compliance, risk and anti-money laundering. Other students select a unique combination of business and other graduate courses to create their own profile of special expertise.


Practicum Option (3 Credit Hours)

The practicum option requires investigation of business issues. The project typically occurs in the student's place of employment and is jointly supervised by a faculty member and a manager in the company. Three credits could be earned by taking one of the following: ACG 6905, FIN 6906, ISM 6905, GEB 6117, MAR 6907, or MAN 6905 as part of the practicum option. The practicum option would count for three hours of MBA electives. The practicum course option can start at anytime during the semester with the appropriate approval.

Residency Program

The USF Online MBA Residency Program is designed to help you succeed in our program and beyond. At the beginning of your first semester, you will attend a mandatory, three-day, on-campus orientation that will allow you to network with your peers, meet our world-class faculty and visit with industry leaders. You will also attend a mandatory, three-day, on-campus visit at the end of your last semester, where you will present your final project and attend graduation.