Online Master of Business Administration


The Online MBA curriculum is designed around a series of foundation, core, elective and capstone courses complemented by a series of professional development opportunities. For a detailed description of degree requirements, please visit the graduate catalog.


16 credit hours – maximum 
The business foundation courses provide background in key functional areas in order to prepare for more advanced studies. Students who have a recent undergraduate degree or coursework in business may be able to waive some or all business foundation courses. Some students choose to pursue the Business Foundations Graduate Certificate prior to entering the MBA.


15 credit hours 
The MBA core is a series of advanced application courses that every student takes during their time in the program. Functional knowledge and skills build on each other throughout the curriculum, preparing students to integrate the various functional areas of business that effective leaders need. Students will develop key competencies in analytics, professional communication, financial analysis, organizational behavior and ethics.

Elective Requirements

15 credit hours 
Students take five graduate-level business electives, one of which must be a designated global elective. Working with their advisor, students can choose to select a unique combination of business and other graduate courses to create their own distinct area of emphasis or pursue one of the following concentrations only available in the Online MBA.


Blue Economy

This concentration prepares students for a growing career in a variety of marine related industries including, but not limited to marine tourism, energy, aquaculture, and shipping and port sustainability. Offered in partnership with the USF College of Marine Science, this concentration boasts an innovative science meets industrial practice approach for one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy.

Compliance, Risk and Anti-Money Laundering

This concentration meets the needs of students seeking a career in the growing field of business risk assessment, compliance, and anti-money laundering. The four courses will provide students with a strong foundation in risk identification, assessment and management techniques. Completion of this concentration will help prepare students to take the exam for the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification. USF students qualify for a discounted price of $1,000 for the exam and two years of membership (regular price $1,890).


This concentration prepares graduates for a career in information security management and business continuity. This concentration is fairly technical, given the nature of cybersecurity.

Data Analytics

This concentration prepares graduates with the necessary skill set to draw insights from data for decision making in different functional areas of business. Analytic skill sets are in high demand across industries which makes this concentration a very popular path for Online MBA students. Courses in the concentration will provide hands‐on experience with analytical tools and database software.


This concentration strengthens the financial acumen of MBA students. Students who intend to work in the financial services sector will benefit from the tailored elective offerings in areas like financial modeling, investments, and capital markets. Those that seek leadership roles in business will benefit from the analytical and creative thinking mindset this concentration encourages, facilitating improved problem-solving techniques.

Healthcare Analytics

This concentration, popular with both clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals prepares graduates to lead change in their organizations. The field of healthcare analytics is dynamic, constantly evolving with challenges that disproportionately impact the healthcare industry such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this concentration is to produce graduates who have the skills necessary to support the healthcare industry, manage large amounts of data, and make timely decisions based on that information.

Immersion Courses and Study Abroad

Immersion electives offer Online MBA students the unique opportunity to network with their peers while building skills in leading methodologies, such as design thinking, Lean Six Sigma, and using improv to manage. These one-week, in-person courses are typically offered the week before the semester starts or during Spring Break. These electives are optional but are highly valued by our students to strengthen their connection with colleagues.

Like the on-campus immersion courses, Online MBA students may participate in a variety of short-term Study Abroad courses as well. By studying business practices globally, students gain perspective and unique insights. Typically, these courses are offered during Spring Break and in summer as 10-day (or less) programs. See this page for further details.

Online MBA Capstone

3 credit hours 
The Online MBA capstone challenges students to apply skills and knowledge acquired throughout the program in relevant, application-based case studies. Student teams develop actionable recommendations in the case environment. Typically completed in a student’s last semester, the capstone experience is challenging and rewarding... the perfect last step as students look ahead to celebrate their graduation.

Residency Program and Professional Development

Online MBA students benefit from a curated portfolio of professional development opportunities. These include in-person or online workshops, webinars, networking events and more.

The Online MBA Residency program, held near the beginning of your program, is designed to help you succeed in both the academic and professional environment. This required two-day, on-campus program will allow you to network with your peers, meet our world-class faculty and visit with industry leaders.

The Online MBA Residency as well as many of the other on campus professional development opportunities will be held at USF’s St. Petersburg campus. This beautiful waterfront location is just steps away from vibrant downtown St. Petersburg, featuring award winning restaurants and an internationally recognized arts scene.