Sales Concentration

The demand for sales managers and other sales professionals in Florida and the U.S. continues to increase. International trade and sales are cornerstones for Florida's economic growth. Within Florida and nationally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an above-average growth rate (15% for U.S. and 10% for Florida) for sales managers where the median annual income tops $77,000. Additionally, 8.5% of all USF alumni have self-reported working within a "sales" role on the online LinkedIn platform.

The Sales Concentration objective is to prepare business undergraduates for jobs in business-to-business sales and account management. Students must have fundamental comprehension of marketing management, marketing strategy, marketing communications, problem-solving, innovative and critical thinking, creative idea generation, professionalism, ethics, analysis, sales management, buyer behavior and interning in a sales position in business-to-business sales.

The Sales Concentration for Marketing majors consists of seven courses:

Marketing Core courses (9 hours)

  • MAR 3823 Marketing Management (3)
  • MAR 3613 Marketing Research (3)
  • MAR 4824 Marketing Management Problems (3)

Sales Concentration courses (12 hours)

  • MAR 3400 Professional Selling (3)
  • MAR 4333 Promotion Management (3)
  • MAR 4403 Sales Management (3)
  • MAR 4940 Marketing Internship (3)