Career Readiness Badging Program

For Faculty

Every day, USF students are learning new skills, acquiring critical knowledge, and becoming immersed in their chosen fields of study and are looking forward to life after USF and the ability to apply what they have learned here.  We value the role that our faculty and instructors play in this process and we're excited about the opportunity to have you partner with us in our Career Readiness Badging Program.

Connecting to the Essential Skills
Bridging the Transition to Life After USF
How You Can Help

Guidelines for Faculty


Connecting to the Essential Skills

USF's Career Readiness Badging Program was designed using the National Association of Colleges and Employers' (NACE) Career Readiness Competencies, seven of which were originally published in 2015 and an eighth was added in 2017. NACE's 2014-15 Career Readiness Competencies Model Team was responsible for identifying and defining the competencies, working with a diverse group of educators, business and human resources leaders, and key stakeholders. The eight competencies are:

  • Career Management
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Digital Technology
  • Global/Intercultural Fluency
  • Leadership
  • Oral/Written Communications
  • Professionalism/Work Ethic
  • Teamwork/Collaboration

Many, if not all, of the eight competencies, can be seen in the programs and curricula already in use in programs across the university. This means we're on the right track in graduating students who should have the essential skills for which employers are looking.

The goals of our program are to provide a framework and a campus-wide, universal language for students of all majors to easily connect the experiences they are having while at USF to the competencies that employers are looking for in recent college graduates, AND, to build our students' proficiencies in writing and talking about these experiences with prospective employers as part of the job search process.  Simply stated, this program provides a way for us to show employers, through the behaviors of our students during the job search process, that our students have what employers want.

Learn More About NACE.

Read about the eight competencies in this document from NACE. [PDF]

See our research on the competencies and Tampa Bay Area employer needs. [PDF]


Bridging the Transition to Life After USF

The program helps students connect all of the experiences they have during their tenure at USF, including their coursework, internships, on-campus employment, and co-curricular activities, to the eight essential skills employers are looking for in new hires. A key component of the program is designed to teach students how to use these experiences on their resumes, cover letters, job applications, and in job interviews.

Students who participate in the program will proceed through structured activities for each of the eight essential skills. In the "Learn It" stage they will be asked to share how they acquired the knowledge for each specific competency. This can be done by indicating the successful completion of coursework in the competency area or completing specific activities, such as workshops, online programs, or participation in events (see our list of Program Partners).  This is also the phase where you can have the most impact -- read more below in "How You Can Help." A student will also complete an assessment in our Canvas course that will help them connect what they are learning to workplace situations.

In the second stage, "Do It," students will be required to submit evidence of completing 20 (or more) hours of experiential learning activities. This might include internships, Cooperative Education, on-campus employment, Federal Work Study, volunteering, service learning, or participating in research. Our goal is to have students apply what they've learned in a real-world setting. Using what they learn, students will complete an online reflection piece as well as construct relevant job search tools, like resumes and cover letters. 

Finally, students will complete the "Show It" stage by recording a video response to an interview question asked by a member of the Career Services team or a Tampa Bay Area employer. This will help our students build confidence in talking about the competency, the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have in the competency area, and the specific, related experience(s) they have had during an interview.

Read more about the program in our Executive Summary. [PDF]


How You Can Help

It's very easy to get involved with the Career Readiness Badging Program! Here are the three actions you can take:

1. Include the following statement on your syllabus and indicate a primary Career Readiness Competency that your course will help students develop.  This will help them complete the "Learn It" step for each of their badges and connect their coursework to the world of work.

This course will help you fulfill the requirements of the USF Career Readiness Badge in {insert primary competency here}. Earning these badges will help prepare you in securing internship or employment opportunities. This is also a great opportunity to take what you are learning here and see how it will help you in your chosen career!  You can learn more about this program online at or by calling Career Services at (813) 974-2171.

Please select from this list of shortened competency names for use in your syllabus:

  • Career Management
  • Communications
  • Critical Thinking
  • Global Citizenship
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Team Work
  • Technology

2. Help students connect your course's activities to our program. If your course includes a significant writing or research project, a major team assignment, a presentation, incorporates the in-depth use of technology, or is approved for use in the Global Citizens Project, let students know that these efforts ALSO count toward the Career Readiness Badging Program.

3. Consider adding our career Canvas modules to your course as a course assignment or as an extra-credit assignment. These modules help students to become familiar with our office and with the major steps around career development.

Our office is here to help you and your students make a smooth transition into their lives after USF!  

Contact us at for more information or to set up a meeting to learn how you can use the USF Career Readiness Badging Program to prepare your students for whatever career path they choose.