Know Before You Go

After the Virtual Fair

It’s important to keep up the momentum after any fair or networking event, and is especially important for a virtual career fair. Follow the suggestions below to help you as you follow up with the employers you met with at the fair.

  • Review and organize your notes and any digital brochures or other information that employers sent to you during the fair.
  • Follow up with each of the recruiters you met with. Write a thank you email or message via LinkedIn. Be sure to confirm your interest and enthusiasm for the organization in your message.
    • Don't be pushy. Give the employer time to respond, and do not continue to send them messages. Remember, they may be attending other career fairs or may not have had a chance to get back to you yet. If you're worried about not hearing back from an employer, schedule an appointment with your Career Consultant to discuss your concerns.
  • In addition to connecting with the recruiters on LinkedIn, follow the organization on both LinkedIn and Handshake.
    • From LinkedIn, you’ll be able to see updates on what’s new with the organization, and you will get a notification when they post a new position.
    • Handshake will also notify you if a new position is posted there, and you will get an update if they register for another USF fair, event, or interview.
  • If you spoke with the recruiter about a position at their organization, finalize and submit your application within 48 hours of the fair, even if the application isn’t due yet. That will remind your recruiter of you and your genuine interest in the position.
  • Check Handshake and the organization’s careers website to see if they have any other positions posted that you may be interested in. They may also be hosting interviews in Handshake. If they are, be sure to sign up for a time slot!
  • Go to any interviews you have scheduled!
    • If it's in-person, plan to arrive about 15 minutes early, and give yourself plenty of time to account for driving to and parking at the location, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the location.
    • If it's virtual, be ready for the interview, and check your audio and video settings. Login to the virtual interview room no more than 5 minutes early, and don't be late!
    • Be sure to dress professionally for all interviews. For virtual interviews with a webcam, make sure that any items that may be seen behind you are appropriate. Please note that some platforms do not offer the ability to blur or customize your background.
    • Make sure your resume is prepared. If in-person, bring copies of your resume for the interviewers. Consider having Pro-Copy print them on high-quality resume paper to really stand out!
  • Get ready for your interview with Big Interview! Simply record your response to any one of thousands of practice questions, and then get feedback from Big Interview's AI tool for areas you can improve, like eye contact, filler words, and pacing.
  • Be patient and keep in touch with the recruiters. Express your continued interest
    in their organization, and plan to attend events they host with USF or at their own locations. Even if you don’t hear back about a position right away, these connections could prove useful for future opportunities and for informational interviews.