Know Before You Go

During the Virtual Fair

All of our career fairs are being held virtually in Handshake to help keep you and the employers you're meeting with healthy and safe.

All sessions with employers can only be accessed through the Handshake virtual fair.

When you login to Handshake on the day of the fair, you will see a green banner across the top of the page that will give you an easy way to access the fair. You can also find the fairs you've registered for under the "Events" section in Handshake.

Tips & Tricks for Success During the Fair

Follow the suggestions below to help you succeed during the fair.

Audio/Video and Workstation

  • Try to find a quiet area for you to participate in the fair. Unwanted interruptions and noises may prevent you from hearing information an employer is sharing or a question they are asking.
  • Make sure you have a clean digital and physical workspace and a designated place to take either digital or physical notes. Close any unnecessary applications or browser tabs in order to make sure incoming video streams are uninterrupted.
  • If you are using your webcam, you will also want to make sure that any items that may be seen behind you are appropriate in case you do turn on your webcam. Please note that Handshake does not offer the ability to blur or customize your background.

Joining Sessions

  • You can join a session up to five minutes before the start time. Click here to learn how to join a session. We recommend checking in as early as you are able to in order to make sure your connection works well.
  • In group sessions, respect the privacy of conversations already going on. Wait your turn to ask questions, and use the chat or hand-raise features according to the employer's directions.
    • If the employer allows you to use your mic, be aware of background noise, and only unmute yourself when you are talking. When you finish talking, remember to put yourself back on mute.
    • While you wait to ask questions, pay attention to the conversation already being had so that you do not ask the same question again.
  • In 1:1 sessions, allow the employer to set the tone. If they ask you to introduce yourself, start with a short introduction, and be ready to answer any initial questions the employer may have.
  • During your conversation, make eye contact, listen attentively, and communicate in a professional manner. Be sure to also speak loudly and clearly enough that the recruiter can hear you well.

Planning to Follow Up with Recruiters

  • Make sure you know how to follow up with the recruiters you speak with. Get their contact information (name and email address) and make notes about what your next step is - whether that’s applying for a position, signing up for an interview, or connecting with them on a site like LinkedIn.
  • You should plan to send a thank you note to the recruiters within 24 hours of the fair. In this note, you can reference details of the conversation you had and express excitement for the positions you plan to apply for.
  • If you are planning to apply for a position, you should plan to finalize your application within 48 hours of the fair. Even if the application deadline is still a few days away, it's important to apply while the recruiter still has your name and information fresh in their mind.