The Florida Policy Exchange Center on Aging is proud to have many faculty members who are leading scholars in the field of policy and aging. Several faculty members serve as Principal Investigators on grant-funded research that impacts policy-related aging issues. Along with the faculty members, students from the School of Aging studies are also involved in this area of research.   

We encourage you to read more about the research of our faculty and students. You can read more about our current grants, recent publications, and conference posters by clicking the corresponding links on the left.

Our current grants.

Principal Investigator, National Institute on Aging, SAFEHAVEN: Decision Support for Nursing Home Resident Disaster Evacuations, Award # RO1AG060581 ($1,694,194) 2018-2021

Principal Investigator US Department of Health Resources and Services Administration, Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP). Cross-college interdisciplinary grant ($815,560-Year 2). $3.1 Million over 4 years.  One of 44 grants in country. 2016-2019