Program Requirements

Requirements for the Au.D. /Ph.D. program are the same as the requirements for the individual degree programs (Au.D. and Ph.D.) with the following exceptions:

  1. The Audiology Doctoral Project (ADP) and associated coursework (SPA 6910 Directed Research credit hours and SPA 7834 ADP Seminar sequence) required for the ADP may, upon Ph.D. Program faculty approval, satisfy the requirements of one Research Rotation in the Ph.D. program. Upon completion, the student should submit the ADP document to the Ph.D. Program Director for review. If the topic, scope and level of independence demonstrated in the project are sufficient, one of the two research rotation requirements is waived (typically, the research rotation for depth; 9 credits, SPA 6910 Directed Research). 
  2. The Au.D. course focused on business and practice management (SPA 6393 Audiology Business and Practice Management) is not required for Au.D./Ph.D. students.
  3. Of the four Core Content courses (12 credits) in the Ph.D. program, three (9 credits) are required including:

    SPA 7812 (3 credits) Research Foundations in Hearing Science

    The student selects two (6 credits) of the remaining three courses 

    SPA 7811 (3) Research Foundations in Speech Science
    SPA 7826 (3) Research Foundations in Neurocommunicative Science
    SPA 7841 (3) Research Foundations in Language Science

  4. Three courses (9 credits) are shared by the two programs and are accepted in place of three advanced Au.D. seminars

    SPA 7330 Advanced Vestibular
    SPA 7331 Advanced Med. Aud.
    SPA 7332 Advanced Electrophys

  5. The Concentration/Advanced Study (9 credits) of the Ph.D. program are waived, since the student will have met this requirement through coursework included in the Au.D. program.

    See course listings for the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs offered by the Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders. The credits required for the Au.D./Ph.D. program will constitute no less than 120 hours beyond the Bachelor's Degree irrespective of waived courses or course submissions.