Ph.D. Concentrations - Language & Speech Science

The Ph.D. in CSD with a concentration in Language and Speech Science spans a vast array of content areas that are grounded in clinical, theoretical, and basic science. Twelve full-time faculty with expertise in language and speech science and eleven state-of-the-art laboratories (see our facilities) support our current research and mentoring in the area of language and speech science.  We are actively recruiting promising students with a variety of backgrounds to apply to our Ph.D. program. Prospective Ph.D. students are encouraged to contact our program director or any faculty with interest areas that overlap your interests.  A brief summary of our areas of expertise includes:

African American English
Bilingual language learning
Foreign accent
Language variation
Language and literacy learning
Lexical effects in speech production
Narrative development
Speech perception and production
Speech perception in normal hearing and hearing loss
Voice production and perception

phd speech and lang