Aging and Cognitive Health Evaluation in Elders (ACHIEVE) Randomized Control Trial (RCT)

Eligibility: Adults aged 70-84 years with hearing loss who were free of cognitive impairment at study start. 

Goal: To determine the effect of hearing rehabilitative intervention versus a successful aging control intervention on rates of decline in global cognitive function in well-functioning and cognitively normal older adults with hearing loss.  

Contact Information: USF ARCT lab phone at 813-974-1262 or email us at; Mention the "ACHIEVE RCT Study”. 


Principal Investigator: Frank R. Lin, M.D., Ph.D. & Josef Core, M.D., Ph.D.


IRB Number: 00008129


Study Overview: ACHIEVE RCT is a randomized control trial investigating if best-practice hearing intervention can slow the rate of cognitive decline. The USF ARCT lab is the quality control and treatment fidelity site for this multi-site randomized control trial. Eligibility for the study includes adults, aged 70-84 years, with mild-moderate hearing loss, and are free of cognitive impairment during their initial baseline appointment. Participants are randomized to the hearing intervention where they receive best-practice hearing intervention including hearing technologies and hearing education or the successful aging intervention where they receive sessions with health education and follow a healthy aging program. The study follows participants over a 3-year period. 


At the completion of the ACHIEVE-RCT 3-year trial, additional ACHIEVE-HI studies have been developed and participants will be encouraged to enroll in these ACHIEVE follow-up studies. See the ACHIEVE-HIFU and ACHIEVE-SAFU studies on the home page for additional information.