Auditory Ecology and its Relationship to Audiologic Intervention Outcomes in a Diverse Population

Eligibility: Participants must be 18-35 years old with normal hearing who identify as a White/Non-Hispanic or a non-White adult.  

Goal: To understand how the sounds during our day-to-day lives impacts the listening and communication of adults from diverse racial and ethical backgrounds.  

Contact Information: USF ARCT lab phone at 813-974-1262 or email us at; Mention the "Auditory Ecology Study”. 


Principal Investigator: Michelle Arnold, Au.D., Ph.D., CCC-A 

BullsIRB Approved Study Number: 003041 


Study Overview: Researchers at the Auditory Rehabilitation and Clinical Trials Laboratory (ARCT Lab) within the Department of Otolaryngology are conducting a research study to evaluate how “auditory ecology”, or the sounds we surround ourselves in during our day-to-day lives, impacts the listening and communication experiences and abilities of adults from diverse racial and ethical backgrounds. The researchers are seeking adults aged 18-35 years with normal hearing who identify as a White/non-Hispanic/Latino, or a non-White adult to find out if there are differences in auditory ecology between people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. This study will involve 2 visits and a 2-week data collection period in which the participant will wear hearing aids. There will be no cost to the participant or the participant’s insurance company.