From the Director

Welcome to the University of South Florida Speech-Language Clinic!  On behalf of the Speech and Language clinical faculty team, it is our honor to serve you, your family, and your caregivers.

As a component of the Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate program at USF, the Speech-Language Clinic serves as a clinical training facility for USF graduate students seeking a future as Speech-Language Pathologists.  During all diagnostic and treatment sessions, clinical faculty and licensed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) supervise graduate student clinicians conducting assessments, providing treatment, and running support groups.  In collaboration with academic/research faculty, the clinical faculty are familiar with and use evidence-based practices in assessment and treatment for meaningful clinical instruction, to provide quality patient care, and to achieve positive clinical and instructional outcomes.

Our clinical aim is to provide individuals, families, and caregivers with a positive healthcare experience through individualized, patient-centered, speech-language-swallowing services using current evidence-based practices. Our clinical faculty brings unique clinical experiences having worked in a variety of settings and with many different disorder areas. The SLPs and graduate clinicians work with individuals of all ages for screenings, evaluations, and individual and small group therapy. With a value for current and best practice approaches, the SLPs in the USF Speech Clinic expand their knowledge and skills through continued education, often partner with academic faculty for graduate course collaborations, and work with other disciplines in a variety of settings across the USF campus and beyond. Additionally, our clinical faculty and graduate students are committed to providing the community with educational activities, events, and support groups. The USF Speech Clinic is well equipped with observation areas for family members and a wide selection of evaluation and treatment materials. The clinic is accessible for individuals with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs.

We look forward to serving the community of Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. If you have specific questions regarding the services we offer, please call our office at 813-974-9844.

Thank you for your support.